What documents do I need to provide to NRHA to be reimbursed for my moving expenses?

For application fee reimbursements, you must provide a legible, written, or printed receipt to show the amount that was paid to the prospective landlord(s).  If you don’t have a receipt, you may show proof of an electronic funds transfer (PayPal, CashApp, etc.) or a money order detachment with the name of the   landlord to whom the funds were paid. The money order detachment must be filled in with the name of the company or person that received payment, along with the reason for payment (i.e. application fee).

For deposit payments (landlord and utility), you must provide a legible, written, or printed copy of the lease agreement and/or utility bill which shows the amount being requested.

For self-move reimbursement, you must remove all belongings and trash from your unit and turn in your keys to the Property Management staff.