Project Updates

The first phase of the Tidewater Gardens Transformation Project is now underway with resident relocations, phased demolition of Tidewater Gardens public housing units, infrastructure work and the construction of a new pump station. New utility infrastructure, site pad preparation and construction of new homes and buildings are set to begin in 2022!

Transformation Timeline

Relocation – 2019-2022

Demolition – 2020-2023

Infrastructure – 2021-2024

Blue/Greenway – 2023-2025

Housing Construction – 2021-2025

Latest Updates

Demolition of Tidewater Gardens

Constructed in the mid 1950s, the housing units at Tidewater Gardens had deteriorated and had become unsafe. Demolition of Tidewater Gardens is expected to continue through 2022.

Converting “super block” layout of streets to a traditional grid pattern

The superblock layout of Tidewater Gardens undermines its intent as a residential neighborhood. The superblocks will be replaced with a traditional mixed-use street grid that will connect residents with each other and the neighboring Downtown. The streets are designed as multimodal to accommodate pedestrians, cars, bikes, buses and scooters.

Addressing flooding issues

Tidewater Gardens units originally built over a filled-in Newton’s Creek were prone to significant flooding and will not be replaced. The Creek will be daylighted for the first time in 80 years to create a new park and flood control system.

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