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People are the priority!

Building a resilient Norfolk community of the future in St. Paul’s means helping former residents of Tidewater Gardens find new opportunities to build healthy, prosperous lives.

Right to Return Policy

The City’s Right to Return policy lifts financial barriers to guarantee that every former resident of Tidewater Gardens has the right to return to the new community of Kindred, where income is not a barrier to access new, energy-efficient, high quality, and modern housing in a live, work and play environment.

People First

Over the past several years, residents relocated to accommodate the transformation and have received support from People FirstUSI in the areas of health and wellness, economic mobility, housing stability, and education.
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Housing Stability

Former residents of Tidewater Gardens were given the choice to move outside the area, relocate to a different public-housing community, or become part of the revitalized community of Kindred. Along the way, People FirstUSI has been there to help families and individuals with their decisions and it continues to provide support.
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Free education programs help people build a bright future for themselves and their families. From job training to parenting classes to early-childhood education, People FirstUSI connects former Tidewater Gardens residents with services that make a difference.
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Economic Mobility

People FirstUSI has joined forces with a large network of local business, non-profit and civic-minded partners who help former Tidewater Gardens residents succeed in today’s hot job market, grow their careers, and realize their small-business dreams.
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Health & Wellness

Along with a dedicated team of partners, People FirstUSI is working to connect former Tidewater Gardens residents to quality health care and reliable health insurance while reducing health-equity barriers that are so common in underserved communities.
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Learn more about the organizations putting people first during the Tidewater Gardens transformation.
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Resident Highlight:
Anyla Williams-Johnson

“My grandmother came the first day I got the keys and prayed at the house,” she says proudly, crediting hard work, People FirstUSI and the NRHA with helping her make her dream come true.