Decorative aerial photo of the St. Paul's Neighborhood


A place for living. Learning. And loving every minute.

The redeveloped Tidewater Gardens community will be a neighborhood designed for active and inclusive living, learning, working and opportunity. It will celebrate the area’s unique history and culture, while moving the whole City forward with resilient economic and environmental solutions. Acres of active greenspace, new places to live, learn and work, and a whole new chapter for historic Church Street, too.

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Neighborhood Life

The redeveloped Tidewater Gardens will be more than a collection of homes, offices, shops and parks. It will become an active, vibrant community that connects everyone of all ages and backgrounds to the best in life. A revitalized Church Street and historic Huntersville will make home even sweeter.
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At first glance, the area’s greenways, blueways and open spaces may not look like solutions to our City’s sea-level and water pollution challenges. But they will be. Parks, lakes, streets, utilities and even restored and daylighted Newton Creek will protect our planet and our city. Even if they just look like fun.
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The new St. Paul’s creates a diverse and vibrant cultural experience for everyone. Heritage trails, public art and curated performances will celebrate today’s best artists and yesterday’s cultural icons.
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