Housing Stability
Housing Stability

Housing? You have a choice!

Are you a former resident of Tidewater Gardens? As you consider your housing options, remember that you have a choice in where you live. No matter what you decide, People FirstUSI is here to help you every step of the way. 

OPTION 1: Return to the redeveloped community.

You have the option to become part of the renewed St. Paul’s area! People FirstUSI will help qualified residents return to the community now named Kindred.

Assistance: Call People FirstUSI at 757-390-4625.

OPTION 2: Choose other affordable or assisted housing communities.

Residents can remain where they are after leaving Tidewater Gardens, or work with People FirstUSI to find something more suitable during this period of community transition. People FirstUSI also provides workshops to increase housing stability (tenant rights, return rights, housekeeping, etc.) and works to strengthen families’ capacity to optimize their housing choice vouchers.

The application portal opens to you for 45 days beginning TODAY, Monday, June 5, for residents interested in the first two new housing options: Reunion (ages 55+) and Origin Circle.

Find all of the eligibility requirements: nrha.us/housing/apply/eligibility-rent-determination

Apply: nrha.myhousing.com

Need assistance? Contact People First: (757) 390-4365.

You have the right to return.

You Have a Choice!

Return to the redeveloped community

You have the option to become part of the renewed St. Paul’s area. People First USI will help qualified residents temporarily move and then return to the redeveloped St. Paul’s area once it is built.

Relocate to other assisted housing communities

Residents can move to another Norfolk public housing community such as Young Terrace, Calvert Square, Oakleaf Forest, Diggs Town, Partrea Midrise, Huntersquare Midrise, Bobbitt Midrise or Sykes Midrise. People First can help find a new community and assist with your transition.

Take a Housing Choice Voucher

You can move to new housing outside of the St. Paul’s area using a Housing Choice Voucher. Managed by the Norfolk Redevelopment & Housing Authority, Housing Choice Vouchers help low-income individuals and families find housing they can afford.

Norfolk’s Right to Return policy lifts financial barriers to guarantee that every former resident of Tidewater Gardens has the right to return to the new Kindred community.

How can People FirstUSI help you?

People FirstUSI continues to work with former Tidewater Gardens residents of the St. Paul’s Transformation project. If you lived in Tidewater Gardens and haven’t been in touch with the People FirstUSI team yet and would like to know about the services provided, get started today. It’s easy!

Call People First USI at
(757) 390-4365

Visit the Main Office at
259 Granby St., Suite 300

Send us a message now!

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