Health & Wellness
Health & Wellness

Pathways to health, wellness and prevention

People First USI has assembled and engaged a group of dedicated health partners to respond to the unique needs of the transitioning Tidewater Gardens community, help residents obtain health insurance and quality care, and reduce the barriers that prevent health equity. Organizations such as Kaleidoscope Counseling, Prime Plus, Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters and Peoples Pharmacy are now connecting residents to a comprehensive list of health and mental health services while encouraging prevention and holistic wellness.

Health & Wellness Strategies

  • Improve health outcomes through prevention and wellness programming
  • Increase the number of residents accessing quality physical, dental, and mental healthcare
  • Reduce barriers that prevent health equity
  • Create a pathway to wellness for aging out young adults and seniors
  • Create pathways to increase ongoing participation in opportunities that reinforce safety, mastery, and connection

Healing Mind and Body

People First USI understands that racism and discrimination are as common to trauma and toxic stress as childhood adversities. Yet too often, that stress goes unnamed, undiagnosed, and untreated. People First USI helps affected Tidewater Gardens residents address how both mind and body are affected by traumatic experiences. That support will occur not only while the project is underway, but for years after the transformation is complete.

Peoples Pharmacy

Caring for a medically underserved community during a pandemic

Improving health care access in a medically underserved community is a difficult challenge under ordinary circumstances. The COVID-19 pandemic raised the stakes far higher. In fact, COVID-19 brought front and center the health inequities that run deep in communities of color. Peoples Pharmacy, a healthcare partner engaged by People First to help Tidewater Gardens residents through the neighborhood transition, went far beyond providing residents with access to COVID-19 vaccines and testing.

At the height of the pandemic, Peoples Pharmacy put a critical spotlight on 35 residents whose chronic health conditions made them highly vulnerable to the worst impacts of the virus. The support included chronic care management, personalized health and nutrition assessments, medication access and more, while helping move the percentage of Tidewater Gardens residents who are managing their chronic health condition from 48% in year one of the transformation to 88% in year two.

“The best outcome of this partnership is the opportunity for residents in a medically underserved community to receive comprehensive health care that promotes healthy lifestyles, good physical and mental health, and tools and coping mechanisms to alleviate and better manage stress,” said Dr. Anna Peoples of Peoples Pharmacy.

Peoples Pharmacy has also been key in helping residents find a source of primary health care and reduce their reliance on emergency room care.

Resident Highlight:
Terri Little

With the support of People First USI, Terri is focused on making her dreams of business ownership a reality.