Who is available to help the residents in this process?

We heard you loud and clear during the community meetings about the transformation of the St. Paul’s area – people must come first if the transformation is to be successful! So we launched People First, Empowered by Urban Strategies. People First coaches will help each person living in the St. Paul’s area achieve their goals by providing assistance in the areas of job training, education, housing, financial, health and wellness.

People First is spearheaded by Urban Strategies, Inc. (USI) a national nonprofit with extensive experience in implementing place-based human capital development strategies in communities that are undergoing comprehensive physical revitalization.

People First services are voluntary but we strongly encourage you to participate.  Tidewater Gardens residents may enroll in services by going directly to the People First office located at 447 Walke St, Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm or by calling (757) 390-4365.