What happens if I move out and things do not work out? Will I be allowed to return to public housing, will I be placed on a waiting list?

You still have options even if things don’t work out! After being on the HCV program for one year, you can request that your name be placed back on the public housing waiting list with a priority status compared to other general applicants. To be eligible for this opportunity, you must remain in good standing with your landlord as well as NRHA. You will have 90 days at the end of your first year on the HCV program to submit your request in writing to the attention of NRHA Relocation Specialist, P.O. Box 968, Norfolk, VA 23501. Remember this opportunity expires 90 days after your first year in the HCV program.

Remember, your People First USI coach will stay with you after you move from your current home. People First USI services are offered for up to five (5) years after your move, no matter where you live. So make sure you stay in touch with your coach and give him/her your current contact information.