What are my housing options?

You have plenty of choices!  To get started, we request that every Head of Household (HOH) in Tidewater Gardens complete a survey about their housing choices.  Then, a People First coach will be assigned to work with you on the next steps and help you prepare for your move.

We are committed to ensuring that each household in Tidewater Gardens can locate suitable, decent, safe and sanitary housing that is the right size for your family – whether it’s a temporary or permanent move. 

Please understand that NRHA wants to make sure that you have access to all the information available for you to make the right housing decision for you and your family. It is our duty to provide you housing choices that meet your needs. These choices include:

  • A Housing Choice voucher to move to housing on the private market.
  • Another NRHA public housing community such as Young Terrace, Calvert Square, Oakleaf Forest Partrea Midrise, Huntersquare Midrise, Bobbitt Midrise, or Sykes Midrise.
  • Another NRHA Project Based Voucher community such as Grandy Village, Diggs Town, Franklin Arms, North Wellington or Cottage Bridge.
  • Temporarily move to the above options and return to the redeveloped St. Paul’s area once built.