Norfolk Awards People First Contract to National Leader in Customized and Comprehensive Case Management

Published May 16, 2019

Urban Strategies, Inc. will work in partnership with St. Paul’s Area residents to develop personalized plans for economic mobility

​NORFOLK, VA – The City of Norfolk has selected Urban Strategies, Inc. as the People First contractor for the St. Paul’s Area Transformation. 

Urban Strategies, Inc. (USI) is a national nonprofit with extensive experience in implementing place-based human capital development strategies in communities that are undergoing comprehensive physical revitalization. Founded in 1978, USI works to support communities, develop economic opportunities, cradle-to-college/career success, access to high quality health services and a range of comprehensive human service supports. USI currently supports transformation work in 32 communities in 18 cities around the country.   Additionally, USI is part of 11 Choice Neighborhood Initiative (CNI) implementation teams and has served as the direct grantee for two CNI planning grants. 

USI uses a comprehensive case management model that focuses on building upon the existing assets of families.  With residents taking the lead, USI works with individuals and families to assess strengths and opportunities for economic advancement, helping residents take action to climb ladders of opportunity.

The People First initiative launched at the St. Paul’s Area Redevelopment community meeting on August 22, 2018.  The initiative is a human services transformation program to complement the comprehensive redevelopment of the more than 200-acre neighborhood known as the St. Paul’s area of Norfolk.  People First will provide effective and high-quality mobility and human capital investment to approximately 1,700 families currently living in Tidewater Gardens, Young Terrace, and Calvert Square public housing developments in the St. Paul’s area.  The initiative will address the following priority areas:  1) family counseling; 2) mobility services; and 3) transformative human services programs.  The People First team currently works out of offices located in Tidewater Gardens and have connected with all the residents in living in phase one of Tidewater Gardens.